Tired of feeling like you are constantly juggling your business, family, and self? It’s time to take control of your work-life balance and create a life that works for YOU!

The Work-Life Equalizer is our flagship course, designed to support you over an 8-week transformation.

It covers everything you need to make tangible, lasting changes so you can grow your business, enjoy your hobbies, and never miss a cherished moment with your family.

What’s included?

We are both busy working mums with full-on hobbies so we know this is not something that can be fixed through a single method. We’ve created a powerful combo of how tos, introspective exercises, and business hacks to help you create a life you love.

Some of the topics included:

  • Structuring your life

  • Goal setting

  • Motivation and overwhelm

  • Conquering your to-dos

  • Hacks and methodology

Course format

The lessons are a combination of video content, support docs and worksheets. You can move through at your own pace with more videos released on a weekly basis.

The Work-Life Equalizer

The online course is filled with tips, tricks, and how-tos to identify work-related stress, employ lifestyle changes, and find time-saving tools and organizational techniques that work for you. The result is reduced stress and work-life harmony both on and off the job.

Conquer Time

Find realistic ways to boost your productivity and automate your business

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Crush Your Goals

Learn how to set goals and achieve them consistently through planning techniques.

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Achieve Balance

Stop juggling and discover how to rebalance and reprioritize across your life.

Course pricing

You have two options!

You can get full lifetime access to the Work-Life Equalizer, including any updates, for $200 + HST.

You can enjoy our combined course + coaching package, designed to give you extra support for $450 + HST.






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